Young Goodman Brown Essay Thesis

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Young Goodman Brown's name itself is a symbol in this story.

Young obviously implies a relatively low age; Goodman means that he is just an ordinary man not especially distinguished in his village, and Brown was a very common last name especially in that era.

So Goodman Brown feeling justified sets out on an evil errand at sunset in to the forest.

The Symbolism in "Young Goodman Brown" Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" is a story of a man whose faiths and beliefs are tested by evil and temptation.

Plan of development: The story unfolds itself by portraying three distinct major characters and the conflicts they are going through, which eventually leads to the climax where the story’s theme is revealed.

Topic Sentence: The major characters are the carrier of the storyline, and their change and conflicts are significant factors contributing to the story’s development.To the Puritans the forest was an evil, unknown territory populated by witches and devils.When Hawthorne describes Goodman's path he says, "He had taken a dreary road, darkened by all the gloomiest trees of the forest" (292). When Hawthorne says the forest closes immediately behind Goodman, he is implying that evil is everywhere.His wife named Faith symbolizes Goodman Brown's faith in his religion.Faith is described as wearing a pink ribbon representing innocents and purity.The traveler's staff is shaped like a black snake or ... You can use this password for unlimited period and you can share it with your friends!My journey, as thou callest it, forth and back again, must be done 'twixt now and sunrise." says Goodman Brown."Well, she's a blessed angel on earth, and after this one night I'll cling to her skirts and follow her to heaven." Says Goodman Brown to himself.I n the story "Young Goodman Brown", Nathaniel Hawthorne reveals a inner conflict of a man's faith in religion and knowledge of mankind's indiscretions with sin.The story takes place in the 17th century in Salem, Massachusetts towards the end of the puritan era.


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