Writing Good Dissertation Research Questions

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Think of a newspaper article: the first couple of paragraphs provide a brief overview of the story. On the flip side, some students don't provide enough detail.

The danger here is that the reader is left asking questions at the end of the introduction.

Still, these two terms are not as different as one might think.

The form and structure of both is very similar, with the difference that the Ph D dissertation requires higher developed writing skills and more serious approach.

What you want to avoid is any unnecessary repetition. You need to present just enough information to contextualise your study and to be able to situate your aims, research questions an argument, but not too much that you end up confusing and bombarding the reader.

Keep things simple here; it's fine to overlook some of the more technical detail at this stage.A thesis differs from a dissertation based on not structure, but academic level of the student.A university dissertation is assigned as a final project for Ph D candidates, while theses are written as a final paper for the completion of their Master’s degree.Before we get into how to write a Ph D or Master’s degree dissertation, let’s clarify the key idea behind this term. The term dissertation research serves to present a finalized piece of content that results from independent research and work on behalf of a student.It doesn’t really matter if you are talking of a doctoral dissertation or undergraduate dissertation – the assignment’s structure and goals remain the same in all cases, as well as the high importance this paper carries in the academic world.No matter what school you are studying in or what dissertation title and topic you have selected, there is a general structure that should be applied to writing a dissertation.As this term suggests, you need to propose a dissertation project that will convince a committee that your research will be valuable and answer some field-related complex questions.There is a tendency to provide too much background information in the introduction.As we saw above, quite how much information you present in your thesis will depend on whether you have a standalone literature review or methods chapter.Remember: they should be able to understand what your thesis is about, how it was conducted and why it is important just from reading the introduction. Instead, you should make the aims, questions and contribution clear in the opening lines and then gradually layer on more detail. Present too much detail too soon and the reader is confused.If you present too little detail then they won't be able to. The last place you want confusion is in the introduction; if the reader can’t follow your introduction, they won’t understand the thesis.


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