Who Are The Mockingbirds In To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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Tom Robinson; all he wanted to do was help Mayella, but instead was arrested and later killed.

he meant no harm, and wanted to do nice things, and as ms Maudie says, mockingbirds don't eat your garden, they make music.

Boo Radley; He wanted to befriend the Finch children, and even though there were many stereotypes about him, he saved them.

No harm, and gave the children gifts, and their lives.

The main plot involves the trial and death of Tom Robinson.

The conflict was between the Finch family, primarily Atticus, and the racism in the town.Mayella’s father Bob (James Anderson) sees, beats her up, and accuses Robinson of rape.Given the time and place of the film’s setting, Robinson is persecuted for the crime despite the defense by Atticus Finch proving the truth of the matter.Despite all that has happened to him, he crosses the boundary of fear and prejudice to rescue Jem and Scout when they are attacked.Atticus and the town sheriff cover up Boo’s heroics by maintaining the children’s attacker died accidentally, so as to not draw attention to Boo and upset his reclusive lifestyle. Scout, having grown aware of the realities of prejudice and hatred over the course of the film’s events, says exposing him to the world would be like killing a mockingbird, circling back to her father’s previous conversation and tying up the theme.The Finch family is comprised of liberal lawyer patriarch Atticus and his two children, Scout (Mary Badham) and Jem (Phillip Alford).Their surname, Finch, draws connection to the mockingbird as a similar-looking small bird. Heavy symbolism is placed on the idea of innocence throughout the picture, a theme represented by the mockingbird and reinforced through the creative construction of character names.The mockingbird is an image of helplessness that needs protected, only existing as a piece of purity.She gets a better understanding of human nature and learns it is possible to live with conscience without resorting to misanthropy. He gave us two soap dolls, a broken watch and chain, a knife... Just standing on the Radley porch was enough.” Hatred and ignorance threaten the innocent.People like Tom Robinson and Boo Radley were unable to defend themselves against the troubles thrown their way.


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