Which Of The Following Reactions Are Metathesis Reactions

Overall, it was shown that metal-catalyzed RCM reactions were very effective in C-C bond forming reactions, and would prove of great importance in organic synthesis, chemical biology, materials science, and various other fields to access a wide variety of unsaturated and highly functionalized cyclic analogues.Initiation occurs through substitution of the catalyst’s alkene ligand with substrate.The mechanism can be expanded to include the various competing equilibrium reactions as well as indicate where various side-products are formed along the reaction pathway, such as oligomers.

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In macrocycles, the E-isomer is often obtained as a result of the thermodynamic bias in RCM reactions as E-isomers are more stable compared to Z-isomers.

As a general trend, ruthenium NHC (N-heterocyclic carbene) catalysts favor E selectivity to form the trans isomer.

The loss of the second molecule, ethylene, a highly volatile gas, drives the reaction in the forward direction according to Le Châtelier's principle.

but also detailed the initial use of a novel ruthenium carbene complex for metathesis reactions, which later became a popular catalyst due to its extraordinary utility.

Due to the functional group tolerance of modern RCM reactions, the synthesis of structurally complex compounds containing a range of functional groups such as epoxides, ketones, alcohols, ethers, amines, amides, and many others can be achieved more easily than previous methods.

Oxygen and nitrogen heterocycles dominate due to their abundance in natural products and pharmaceuticals.A kinetic product distribution could lead to mostly RCM products or may lead to oligomers and polymers, which are most often disfavored.With the advent of more reactive catalysts, equilibrium RCM is observed quite often which may lead to a greater product distribution.This in part due to the steric clash between the substituents, which adopt a trans configuration as the most stable conformation in the metallacyclobutane intermediate, to form the E-isomer.The synthesis of stereopure Z- isomers were previously achieved via ring-closing alkyne metathesis.Smaller rings, between 5 and 8 atoms, are more thermodynamically favored over medium to large rings due to lower ring strain.Ring strain arises from abnormal bond angles resulting in a higher heat of combustion relative to the linear counterpart.Some examples are shown below (the red alkene indicates C-C bond formed through RCM).Ring-closing metathesis has also been used to cyclize rings containing an alkyne to produce a new terminal alkene, or even undergo a second cyclization to form bicycles.Since the probability for reactive groups on the same molecule to encounter each other is inversely proportional to the ring size, the necessary intramolecular cycloaddition becomes increasingly difficult as ring size increases.This relationship means that the RCM of large rings is often performed under high dilution (0.05 - 100 m M) (A) The equilibrium reaction can be driven to the desired thermodynamic products by increasing temperature (B), to decrease viscosity of the reaction mixture and therefore increase thermal motion, as well as increasing or decreasing reaction time (C).


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