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Everyone sent in a piece of paper and they stapled it together and held it up and said this is amazing. Stossel: So what’s in the commitments that every country made?News anchor: India has ratified the Paris Climate Accord, committing the world’s fastest growing economy to limit carbon dioxide emissions.

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But they proposed to become efficient less quickly than they’re already becoming more efficient. You know, my favorite was Pakistan whose pledge was to reach a peak at some point, after which to begin reducing emissions, and so you can staple those together, and you can say we now have a global agreement. And if anything you’ve gone backwards because whereas in the past you could have criticized countries and said hey, why aren’t you doing anything?

Now we have an agreement that says in fact, we will applaud you for doing nothing.

Patients can't communicate using modern technology. I get X-rays, EKG tests, echocardiograms, blood tests.

Doctors keep me waiting for hours, and no one bothers to call or email to say, "I'm running late." Few doctors give out their email address. But no one discusses that with me or mentions the cost.

Yep.up @scientology #Fair Game tactics which were used to intimidate our govt into giving them #religion tax free status.

#IMO #scientology is selling their #stalker services & audit info to @The Democrats & #Muslims to terrorize their opposition.. youtu.be/d Wks Qdj Eeec I've personally witnessed @splcenter steal funding & resources from good grassroots activists by going around town spreading lies right here in #Tampa Bay. Witnessing the #liberal corruption in #USA non-profits is why I decided to work alone!

Well the United States government had already done a study to guess when Chinese emissions would peak and their guess was about 2030.

Stossel: Peak doesn’t mean stop, it just means stop increasing. So in fact China promised they will continue increasing their emissions for some time to come.

Cass: What you find is they either pledge to do exactly what they were already going to do anyway, or pledged even less than that.

China for instance, said we pledged to reach peak emissions by about 2030.


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