What Are The Basic Arguments Of The Staple Thesis

Forbidden to text while driving, you can waste your time checking the fluctuating price of gas at every gas station you see and how at each station it differs from yesterday.

All you will learn is that the price shifts up and down over space and time – the operation of that seductive beast called the market – with corresponding effects on your pocketbook or credit card balance.

Oil matters to Alberta’s economic growth but matters less – and need not much matter if there was a willingness to consider alternatives – to Canada’s economic growth.

Economic historians, even those (like myself) who are proponents of the staple thesis, know that as well as staple exports, there are always other significant influences on the economy, such as more or less autonomous waves of migration, increasing population, expanding domestic markets, and the growth of cities as centres of creativity.

But I doubt I have said much you don’t already know. All of this is a compelling economic case against the tar sands and its pipelines without my having appealed to that ultimate game changer and species killer, climate change.

Whatever the consequences in the past of staple specialization, there has never been a staple as deadly as oil is today.

What is Huntington 's argument (known as the thesis) and reason for writing the essay?

Huntington started with a hypothesis about how the end of the cold war was the start of a new type of civilization which means it will come with new types of conflicts.

Instead, perversely, governments get captured by the staple industry and lock the country in.

Our currency becomes a petro-dollar, our state a petro-state.


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