Websters Definition Of Critical Thinking

Websters Definition Of Critical Thinking-52
Critical thinking requires the ability to do skillful reading and research.This will require hard work, and, as the saying goes, there really is no substitute for it.Some highly intelligent people are ignorant of the fundamental cognitive biases that hinder critical thinking.

Finally, many technical words, such as "microwave", "hyper-inflation", and "a priori" are used in rather specialized ways.

Of all the things people are ignorant of, nothing hinders critical thinking more than lack of adequate vocabulary.

A quick and efficient way to overcome this block to critical thinking is to use a good dictionary, one that doesn't just provide synonyms, but provides etymology and guidance for usage.

The definiendum is the term that is to be defined, whereas the definien is the group of words or concepts used in the definition that is supposed to have the same meaning as the definiendum. But how do we know what the correct meaning of a term is?

For example, in defining "bachelor" to mean "an unmarried man", the word "bachelor" is the definiendum, and "an unmarried man" is the definien. Many people think that a dictionary is an authoritative guide to reportive definitions.


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