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It is necessary that parents make extra efforts to educate their children on morality and social norms.In the curriculum of school education, there is no separate teaching and learning of moral education except some lessons of great virtues of some heroes in their life stories.Grandparents and parents have the responsibility of guiding the children constantly on every aspect of behavior to ensure that the latter know what is good or bad.

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As a child grows to become an adult, unless he possesses the good qualities like honesty, hard work, patience, perseverance, consideration for others, respect of others, courage, discipline, etc., they may not become successful citizens or employees.

Learning moral lessons is best achieved by internalizing the qualities and practicing the values.

Even in the early civilizational stage, harmonious relations, rituals, and music formed the curriculum." At page 5 of the said reference book, it is recorded about ancient Chinese education as " The molding of character was a primary aim of education.

Ethical teachings stressed the importance of human relations and the family as the foundation of society.

The home becomes the first school for the child to observe and learn from all the events taking place in it.

The entire value system of the family is slowly and surely transmitted to the child.The purpose of education is to make a better human being.The first environment for a child after birth is the family.Any deviation from the accepted social norm is considered as a deviant behavior, while the dividing line between the accepted norm and deviant behavior somewhat blurred.Because of the changing nature of norm over time and place, some behaviours acceptable in the past or in some society may be viewed as unacceptable elsewhere or at a different time.Normally, mother becomes role model for daughter, and the father, for the son.While genes of parents play an important role in shaping the personality of the child, the environment of the family, which is a set of many aspects of social transactions in the family, and thinking and expressions by family members reflecting their values and preferences constantly influence the child.It is learnt that Catholic schools have lessons on moral education.That is good even if moral values are hidden in religious stories.Moral education for a harmonious Society Oinam Nabakishore Singh * We have heard of moral or value education. Without going into the difference in the meaning and connotations of the terms, our purpose is to see children grow up to become good and responsible citizens of the country and the world.What is good or bad is differentiated on the basis of social norms, which is also slowly changing over time.


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