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It follows our TOEFL Writing templates for independent essays.We have many more sample essays for you to read before taking the test!This is just one of the many efficient ways these hybrid cars run.

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Because people are obsessed with their personal vehicles, governments have felt justified in failing to develop bus and rail networks. Despite being the largest city in Canada it has only two subway lines and just a handful of underdeveloped bus routes.

While this frustrates me quite a lot, most people simply do not care and, regretfully, the issue is never considered of even studied by our municipal government.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that people today are too dependent on automobiles.

This is because our love of driving has contributed to global warming, and because it has resulted in shoddy public transportation systems in major cities. This is a sample TOEFL essay written by a native speaker.

The question is not if these cars are more efficient and helpful to our environment, but whether consumers should invest in buying one.

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Many people know about hybrid cars, but just as many people don’t know exactly how they work.This example demonstrates how neglectful many members of modern society have become as a consequence of their love of automobiles.Secondly, our current obsession with automobiles has caused public transportation systems to be neglected by government officials.In most scenarios, the larger the car the more cylinders it has.Having more cylinders requires the car to hold more fuel in order to run smoothly, which in turn costs the consumer more money (Nice)."Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?People in today's world have become too dependent on automobiles. Over the last few decades, as automobiles have become affordable for more and more people, cars have become a very controversial topic of discussion.These cars that This comes in handy due to the fact that most cars can only go about 50 or 100 miles per charge.Hybrid cars are also much smaller than gasoline cars.To begin with, many people have become disinterested in the amount of pollution that their vehicles create.It is a well-known fact that automobiles are one of the biggest sources of deadly greenhouse gases, which are the main cause of global warming.


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