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CV/résumé: There are a lot of different formats/templates out there, but I would recommend trying to limit your CV/Resume to 1-2 pages and focus on accomplishments rather than specific duties in each position you’ve been in.

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Components Title Page Abstract Introduction Method Discussion References Appendices Title Page The title page should be the first page of your document and introduces the reader to the title and author of the lab report.

Components Title Author's Name(s) Institutional Affiliation Manuscript Page Header Running Head Page Number Title The title of your laboratory report is a concise description of the purpose and main focus of the experiment.

Tips Author's Name(s) Include, in order, the author's first name, middle initial, and last name.

Institutional Affiliation Identify where the study was actually performed (e.g., George Mason University) Manuscript Page Header The manuscript page header is a very short abbreviation of the title.

While we do try and take a holistic view of all applications, it can be tough to overcome a low GMAT score.

We would look for applicants to have some demonstrated success in the areas they are lower in on their GMAT – for instance if an individual had low quant scores on the GMAT but received strong grades in a number of quant-focused courses during their undergraduate degree, we would be less concerned with their GMAT score. Don’t try and say what you think the admission committee wants to hear.There’s no better way to get a true feel for the culture at a school than by talking to the people living it.Essays are organized paragraphs that answer a question by summarizing a topic in a clear and logical manner. Purpose Suggestions Links Sample Purpose Frequently, many college level psychology courses require the ability to complete timed and un-timed essay exams.Interview: We have very informal interviews, so I would simply say don’t be too nervous or over prepare.Letter of recommendation: I would recommend asking individuals who have had considerable interaction with you to be references, rather than someone higher up in the organization who may not know you very well.Our application is fairly similar to most other schools out there.We make a point of interacting with and interviewing every candidate that we are considering for admission.Dreveskracht, Northeastern State University How to Prepare for an Essay Exam, Center for Teaching Excellence Understanding the Assignment in Essay Questions, Writing Across the Curriculum Definition of Writing Terms, University of Washington Return to Top The literature review is a concise summary and evaluation of research, organized by a topic, that is related to your objective, thesis, or experiment.Purpose Components Suggestions Links Sample Purpose Usually, a literature review is contained within the introduction of an experimental laboratory report.The purpose of a lab report is to describe how and why you performed your experiment, what you discovered, and your interpretation of the final results.Purpose Components Links Sample Purpose Writing an experimental lab report is not only a vital skill for psychology majors, it is an actual requirement for most psychology degrees.


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