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Their relationship consists of an "unembarrassed love" that is constantly present.Morrie Schwartz was a man of great wisdom who loved and enjoyed to see and experience a simplicity of life, something beyond life's most challenging and unanswered mysteries.

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I wanted my students to understand this, but I wanted to see how much they understood independently. For one of the first major writing assignments in my English 10 classroom, I decided to have the students write a paper about three items that define them, 'Who Am I/My Culture Paper'.

This began as an assignment/mini-speech [to read more about that, click here].

This I've learned with Tuesdays with Morrie and his condition ALS [Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis].

As an intro activity to my English 10 class' first major reading, Tuesdays with Morrie, I wanted to talk about ALS and the complications of that disease since the main character, Morrie, struggles with ALS.

These were important points I wanted my students to grasp, so I made worksheets and study guides to help with their learner development. It wasn't enough to read their worksheets or to peek over their shoulders during individual work time.

I needed to know exactly what my students had learned, so I decided to make a Tuesdays with Morrie Mid-Book Quest. Classes were only twenty minutes, but I still wanted my students to do something pertaining to Tuesdays with Morrie, while being fun! One of the major themes early in Tuesdays with Morrie is tension, or 'Tension of Opposites,' as Morrie himself names it.To dig a little deeper and connect my Tuesdays with Morrie unit to Narrative writing, which my students have and will be doing for the remainder of the year, I decided to create a 'Who Am I/My Culture' Assignment.Sometimes to understand a concept fully, students need to research and learn about the concept outside of the classroom discussion.As my unit on Tuesdays with Morrie continued, I moved into a series of lessons I called ‘What’s the Point?’ which focused on the ‘why’ behind reading this book.This time, however, I wanted a more challenging quiz, as my students had done very well on the last, multiple choice and true-false quiz.I wanted to switch up activities in my English 10 classes and instead of having them write another journal or essay-type of response, I decided to have them write two poems.Students were asked to create 2 poems based on influential relationships in their personal lives.This helped to connect to the relationship […]To direct my students in the Letter to [Author] Mitch Albom activity, I created an assignment sheet and a rubric, grading them on their ability to connect the text to their personal lives [narrative writing], use correct letter-writing format, content, and conventions/grammar.This began as an idea to help my ESL student and other struggling readers, but then it became a necessary tool to keep all students on track with their reading.After reading the 5th-8th Tuesdays both independently and as a class, I wanted to give my students a quiz.


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