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DOI is a digital object identifier that is known and widely used in the publishers’ world.

However, for lower league games the installation of a camera based system is very expensive.

This work proposes a sensor based system that can be worn by...

Implementing these functionalities such that all the functional and temporal requirements are satisfied is challenging.

This thesis is concerned with the temporal requirements.

Autonomous MAV are an emerging technology that supports a wide range of applications such as medical delivery or finding survivors in disaster scenarios.

As flying in such missions is difficult the robust estimation of an MAV's state within its environment is crucial to ensure safe operation. The Delfi-n3Xt was the second nanosatellite developed at the Delft University of Technology, and launched in 2013.Imagine being lost in a desert with a bunch of friends, all of a sudden. You will have mirages, distrust among friends and no means to leave landmarks on the sand.Unable to locate yourself, you will have no means to contact people with maps.The off-side rule is the most complicated rule in soccer.Today, off-sides are determined with the help of referees running on the sides of the field or with the help of cameras.The best you can do in such a situation is to stay together in the vicinity...Wireless sensor networks play a vital role in major technological developments.Contact Ask Your Library, the TU Delft Library customer service, if you would like to know more about registration and /or assignment of DOI's.In the past few years, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have been widely utilized and shown state-of-the-art performances on computer vision tasks.Only the visual information related to the runner, such as runner’s unique ID (called bib number), is available.To this end, we propose two automatic runner detection...


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