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The exam, which is closed to the public, must be completed by the end of spring semester in the student’s first academic year.If a student starts during spring semester the exam must be taken during or before the following fall semester.The committee consists of at least three (standard) members, including your advisor as chair.

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Once the form is accepted and approved by the graduate school, you officially become a degree candidate for the M. a) Submit your completed thesis to your advisor and your committee; b) after advisor and committee approval set a date to defend your thesis; c) present public defense of your thesis research; d) file necessary paper work to the graduate school so that you can officially graduate and receive your degree.

Steps It is probably useful to begin writing your thesis proposal during Fall Semester #1 so that you can have a good start on it when various research grant deadline come up—generally in earliest January or February at the latest. All Degree Program Forms must be submitted to the DGS two weeks before the start of finals week during your first semester.

There are several benchmarks in work toward the MS degree.

a) Submit a written research proposal to your thesis examination committee two weeks before meeting with your committee and; b) successfully defend your proposal to your thesis examination.

Any change to your degree program, required for Department approval, is communicated to you by your faculty advisor. Upon completion of at least half of the coursework required for your specific degree, you must submit the form (the content being previously approved by the Department Faculty), signed by your advisor, to the DGS.

The DGS then submits your Graduate degree plan form to Renae Faunce ([email protected]) for Graduate School review/approval. In addition, your thesis examination committee is officially appointed.In the event that you need to change your committee members and/or the courses in your program, you must complete and return a petition to the UMD Graduate Office.You are not allowed to defend your thesis research until this is approved.c) File your degree program with the graduate school for approval by the Dean of the Graduate School.(You can file your Degree Program Form sooner, but once filed you must petition for change). Note that both your advisor and the DGS must sign the form before it is submitted to the graduate school.The master of science degree is offered under Plan A (thesis) and Plan B (non-thesis).Courses are selected with approval of the student's adviser and the director of graduate studies.You should settle on a research problem during your first semester in residence (you must do so before the end of your first full year in residence).Once you have determined a research problem, you and your advisor should meet to select a thesis examination committee.The purpose of the Graduate degree plan form is to put together a logical, doable, focused program that moves you toward your goals, an M. Be sure to have your advisor sign the form prior to submitting it to the DGS.The Degree Program Forms are reviewed individually, but collectively, by the entire Department Graduate Faculty at the end of Fall Semester or the beginning of Spring Semester.


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