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Latterly more attention is given to the link between international marketing strategy and company performance in scientific literature on the subject of international marketing (Samiee, Roth, 1992; Cavusgil, Zou, 1994; O’Donnell, Jeong, 2000; Katsikeas, Samiee & Theodosiou, 2006, Solberg, Durrieu, 2008; Shilke, Reiman, Thomas, 2009).Company performance is one of the most important aspects when assessing the suitability of certain strategies (Jain, 1989).the link between standardization/adaptation and company performance is complicated and possibly influenced by other factors (Shilke, Reiman, Thomas, 2009, Solberg, Durrieu, 2008).

A total of (Number of Studies Depending On the References Count, After Employee Deletion) studies on the topic of marketing strategy have been examined.

The meta-analysis uncovers two distinct but related features to marketing strategy content: marketing strategy decisions and marketing strategy decision implementation.

To help in the preparation of your marketing dissertation, this article suggests areas and topics that you could base your research on.

These subject areas include relationship marketing,branding, direct marketing, international marketing, consumer psychology,on line marketing, mobile marketing, marketing mix, social networks and marketing ethics. Din Business Marketing then you will have to write a Marketing Dissertation paper at the end of your academic career.

However the first step to writing a marketing dissertation is coming up with a great clinching title that will suit your thesis and get the attention of potential readers.

Below we've included a few of the top titles that students have used in the past for their Marketing Dissertation papers, feel free to re-spin these titles in order to come up with a concept for your own composition.

A successful marketing dissertation will say something useful about the marketing industry today.

"Exploring the Value and Process of Marketing Strategy: Review of Literature." Journal of International Business Research and Marketing 2, no.2 (2016): 7-18.

Marketing strategy is a significant driving force that distinguishes the success of many organizations not only by well-developed marketing strategies outlining where, when, and how the firm will compete but also by their ability to execute the marketing strategy decision options chosen (e.g. The appropriate and effectively implemented marketing strategies are required to productively guide the deployment of the limited available resources via the firm’s marketing capabilities in pursuit of desired goals and objectives (Black and Boal 1994; Varadarajan and Clark 1994).

The literature reveals two distinct but related features to marketing strategy content: marketing strategy decisions and marketing strategy decision implementation.


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