Thesis About Internet Addiction

Thesis About Internet Addiction-36
Identifying which category of addiction the Internet falls into is the problem.There are no real answers yet because research in this area is at the beginning stages.

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The Internet is the largest and most versatile source of information in the world today.

With its web sites and chat rooms, it is a way of communicating with people in places all over the world.

The theoretical framework that this study used to discuss about internet addiction will be Uses and Gratifications theory.

UG theory founded by Elihu Katz in 1959, when Herzog examined the reasons people use the radio to listen to quiz programme (Herzog, 1942), and soap operas (Herzog, 1944) (as cited in Katz, 1959).

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This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Since its conception in 1973, the Internet has grown at an astounding rate.A survey conducted by Intelli Quest Information Group Inc.Recent studies are beginning to uncover evidence that would suggest that maybe some of us are not so adept at dealing with such highly developed technology.In fact, as more research is conducted, experts are finding that the Internet may show indications of being add...While lost in this so-called 'Cyber Community' for long periods of time, people are neglecting other important activities like; time with the family, socializing, work and health concerns. In her study, she revealed concrete evidence supporting the Internet Addiction claim. There are several web sites available for the treatment of Internet addiction, as well as counseling centers and clinics. With all this power at our fingertips, are there any negative impacts of using this interface?One of the most extensive studies on Internet Addiction to date was conducted by Dr. Are we as humans capable of interacting with such a powerful communication source?According to Katz (1959), the outcomes of media usage depend on why and how they decided to use the media.Therefore, there are two main components that discuss in U&G theory which are media that choose to be engaged and gratification that get from the media (Ruggiero, 2000).With the fully focus and gratification that the person get from internet, he or she might refuse to get out from the internet and at the end lead the person to internet addiction (consequences).According to Chou, Condron, and Belland (2005), there are few studies found that there is a relationship between internet addiction and users’ social-psychological or personality variables, such as sensation seeking, pleasure experiences, use-and-gratification, loneliness, and depression.


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