Therapeutic Relationships In Nursing Essay

Therefore verbal communication in nursing should be seen as a primary process and a powerful tool in the assessment of a patient.

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The outcome of these reflections can then be applied to their future practice.

Reflection also contributed to continuing professional development (CPD), an integral part of the employee supervision process in the NHS and other health and social care employers.

VERBAL COMMUNICATION Verbal communication comes in the form of spoken language; it can be formal or informal in its delivery.

Verbal Language is one of the main ways in which we communicate and is a good way to gather information through a question (an integral part of communication) and answer process.

Communication is a process and has many aspects to it.

Communication is a dynamic process by which information is shared between individuals.This process requires three components the sender, the receiver and the message.Communication would not be possible if any of these components are absent.Communication is done every day through a linear process.Messages being sent at the same time through verbal and non- verbal avenues, it is expected the receiver is able to understand the way this is communicated.For verbal communication to be effective, good listening skills are essential.Sharing information, concerns and feelings becomes difficult, if the person being spoken to doesn’t look interested.Reflective practice is an integral part of health and social care, particularly within nursing care (Bulman and Schutz, 2008). (EYFS) is a framework that provides an assurance to cares and parents that the setting that they put their child ...The Gibbs cycle is frequently used within the National Health Service (NHS) and is utilised as a part of employee supervision to enable the individual to successfully reflect on their experiences.Effective communication need’s knowledge of good verbal and non-verbal communication techniques and the possible barriers that may affect good communication.The nurse should has effective communication skills before they can register as it’s seen as an essential part of a nurse’s delivery of care.


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