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My father has been my guiding force for all my major decisions in life. Whenever he gets time, he just loves to watch an old movie.

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Conclusion: There is no doubt that my father’s role is vital in my life.

His presence is vital for maintaining the balance and peace in my family.

My Father: My father is the person that I admire the most in my life.

I can never forget all the childhood memories that I have with him.

He also shares all of his achievements and drawbacks in life and tells us to learn from them.

My father has his personal online marketing business but he never insists any of his children to pursue a career in that same field so that we can take over after him.A father is the one who earns the badge of the stricter parent and whose denial of permission for anything means a lot to the children.I also admire my father and try to imbibe his qualities so that I become like him when I grow up.My Father – My Role Model: My father is my role model for many reasons. That is why he is so respected in his office as well.He is always there to help his colleagues even if it is not his work.But at heart, we love to tease each other and play as well. At times, on holidays if he finds me and my sister doing nothing and just idling our time, he gives us some task or the other.He is also much organised and keeps all his documents in a properly organised manner.Introduction: My father is a person who takes care of my family and loves each one of us dearly.My father acts as the pillar of support and strength for my family.He is in fact considered as the head of the family.However, I feel that both father and mother have a distinctive role to play in bringing up their children.


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