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Yes making the economy rise again was a main concern, but what about the people it was affecting?

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The New Deal programs were admired by some people and rejected by other people.

The reason to why it was successful was because of the many relief policies.

Designed to rescue the country from the debilitating effects of the Great Depression, it essentially installed the country's first social safety net, an idea which has been continuously dissected and debated in classrooms, the media, and the halls of Congress ever since.

The New Deal had a tremendous impact on the American political spectrum as well, and historians often credit it with the mid-century domination of the presidency by the Democratic Party.

Poverty had a major affect on Americans; lack of employment, depression, homeless, and more. 1), the New Deal was determined to three steps Relief, Recovery, and Reform; each one had their own significance.

Many times families will feel like they were useless to their own family, because they couldn’t provide them with anything. Like everything in history everything has a cause, He believed that if families needed something they would pay any amount, because they needed it to survive, but he was wrong.

New Deal also assisted the farmers by creating the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA).

This act aided farmers and regulated crop production. These programs came together to become The New Deal. However, the New Deal failed to end the Great Depression" (FDR's New Deal Summary And Analysis). There are many critics and admires of the New Deal.

The FERA cooperated with the states in relieving hardships caused by unemployment. Besides providing help for the needy, Roosevelt also wanted to establish programs that would guide in recovering the economy.

After Hoover was elected as the president of United States and was rejected by the country, Franklin D.


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