The Goophered Grapevine Essay

I found that grape-culture, while it had never been carried on to any great extent, was not entirely unknown in the neighborhood.

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There were two or three hotels, a court-house, a jail, stores, offices, and all the appurtenances of a county seat and a commercial emporium; for while Patesville numbered only four or five thousand inhabitants, of all shades of complexion, it was one of the principal towns in North Carolina, and had a considerable trade in cotton and naval stores.

This business activity was not immediately apparent to my unaccustomed eyes.

I thought of sunny France, of sleepy Spain, of Southern California, but there were objections to them all.

It occurred to me that I might find what I wanted in some one of our own Southern States.

He assured me, in response to my inquiries, that no better place could be found in the South than the State and neighborhood where he lived; the climate was perfect for health, and, in conjunction with the soil, ideal for grape-culture; labor was cheap, and land could be bought for a mere song.

He gave us a cordial invitation to come and visit him while we looked into the matter.

I went several times to look at a place that I thought might suit me.

It was a plantation of considerable extent, that had formerly belonged to a wealthy man by the name of Mc Adoo.

Uncollected Uncle Julius Stories Dave's Neckliss (1889) A Deep Sleeper (1893) Lonesome Ben (1900) Essay Superstitions and Folk-Lore of the South (1901) Some years ago my wife was in poor health, and our family doctor, in whose skill and honesty I had implicit confidence, advised a change of climate.

I shared, from an unprofessional standpoint, his opinion that the raw winds, the chill rains, and the violent changes of temperature that characterized the winters in the region of the Great Lakes tended to aggravate my wife's difficulty, and would undoubtedly shorten her life if she remained exposed to them.


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