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Before 2018, the company’s headquarters sat in Oak Brook, Illinois.It turned out that Kroc had a really huge vision for his new business.

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No person who follows Hill’s advice — knowingly or unknowingly— ever gives up. The year 1948 was a defining one in their entrepreneurial journey.

Maurice and Richard Mac Donald (brothers) had failed in a movie business in New England. Instead, they relocated to California and founded their very first Mc Donald restaurant, which was merely a hamburger stand (1940). In that year, the dynamic duo incorporated the Speedee Service System which featured the “soon to be famous” 15 cents apiece hamburgers.

A SWOT analysis is a tool that helps savvy investors and competent executives make strategic business decisions. A SWOT analysis methodically examines each of these 4 aspects to see if there are any insights with weaknesses to further complicate things for a business.

You’ll do well to keep this understanding in mind as we cruise through this Mac Donald’s SWOT analysis.

The company’s name would later change to present day’s Mac Donald’s Corp.

Even though the company was founded in California, its headquarters are in West Loop, Chicago.

So your professor wants you to perform a SWOT analysis for Mac Donald’s.

And you’ve decided the best way to kick off the assignment is to browse around a little. This post will conduct a Mc Donald’s SWOT analysis so you can replicate the process for your assignment. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Before we embark on the journey, it’s critical toknow what Mac Donald’s does.

adversity carries within itself the seeds of success.


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