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Your discussion of existing counterclaim shows people your deeper understanding of your chosen topic than if you present only your one-sided essay argument. Counterarguments demonstrate that you know your subject well enough to see it from many sides, so readers are more likely to trust your opinion.

Mention opposite opinions and take enough time to get quotes from experts who support them to make your essay claim more believable to interested readers. Link your evidence and claim clearly because it’s integral for your major argument, use reasoning to hold it together.

Students should find good examples for SAT essay writing because they can find them in nearly all assigned prompts.

These reliable evidence types will help you save time, improve your writing, stay confident in your abilities and final results.

Prompts in all subject areas require this powerful technique.

Counterclaims or counterarguments are other points of view that contradict your major argument, and bringing them can help you convince your targeted audience that you’re right. Some students think that discussing counterarguments or counterclaims in their essay to strengthen their statements sounds a bit counterintuitive.

There’s always something to support your essay claim.

If you present facts and information, not only your personal opinions, you empower readers to connect them with their ideas to make them more persuasive.

Your detailed analysis develops your argument to tie evidence and claims together, but evidence explanation is one of the trickiest techniques to discuss. This example is present in many essay prompts, but it isn’t a major persuasive feature in many cases; you can easily identify evidence explanation if authors connect claims to support or explain them instead of throwing out evidence without any links.

Feel free to discuss how authors use their logical or clear reasoning to draw helpful connections between claims and their supporting evidence. When authors explain their logic behind major points or arguments, readers can follow them to get their better understanding.


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