Statistics Research Papers

These research questions will specifically direct the research and the type of analyses conducted; as such, their compatibility is essential.

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Programs typically provide a grading rubric that serves as an outline for the required components, and students are encouraged to follow those rubrics closely in developing their Concept Paper.

What are the Main Elements of a Research Concept Paper?

Preliminary Literature Review — provides identification of major literature that supports and validates the topic.

The literature review focuses on areas that offer support for new research and offers the student an opportunity to analyze and synthesize past research in the context of their present problem.

Questions are based on theory, past research, and need.

These questions will direct the research methodology; their inclusion in the Concept Paper links the research problem with the methodology.

The first few sentences of the Concept Paper should intrigue the reader to pique his or her interest and encourage further reading.

As you begin to write the problem statement of your Concept Paper, consider your research. Consider how your study relates to previous work in the field, how you will link your hypotheses and objectives to theory, and how the hypotheses relate to the research design.

The project is expected to add new information to the field of study.

The Concept Paper acts as a summary of this project.


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