Sports Club Business Plan

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Current health statistics indicate that there is a demonstrated need for additional facilities and services to help provide more opportunities for the community to be involved in sport and physical activity.

This is especially true in Fife where 21.3% of the child population is either overweight or obese, 30.5% of the adult population obese and 37.1% of the adult population, who do not currently meet the recommended physical activity levels.

As objectives in the plan are achieved, let everyone know about it – no matter how small.

This resource is part of series providing assistance to Western Australian sport and recreation clubs and organisations to become better managed, more sustainable and to provide good quality services to members and participants.

In addition the Community Sport Hub will also provide opportunities for informal sport and physical activity for all age groups such as walking and fitness classes.

Vision, Aims and Objectives The Gilvenbank Community Sport Hub has the following vision and aims: Vision – “A healthy community actively involved in leading, participating in and performing in a variety of sporting and physical activities.” Aims – – To maximise opportunities available to the local community through the promotion of current activities and exploring the development of new activities.

Introduction The current board of the Gilvenbank Community Sport Hub is made up from representatives from Glenrothes Cricket Club and Glenrothes Athletic Football Club.

There are plans to include a community representative on the board and develop a user group once the facility is established.

Currently the park does not have appropriate facilities to develop and build capacity for sport within the area.

The project looks to rectify this situation and provide a home for sport within the park for the benefit of the local community.


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