Solving Linear Word Problems

Solving Linear Word Problems-75
This is due to the fact that you only have to provide the setup and solve for a specific piece of information.Most (though not all) word problem questions of this type will be scenarios or stories covering all sorts of SAT Math topics, such as averages, single-variable equations, and ratios.

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The second train is going 85 mph for t time, or 85t. In other words, when do the two distances add up to the total distance, 800 miles. Now, we divide both sides by 160, and we get t = 5.

The first train is traveling at a rate of 75 mph, so the distance it covers in t time is 75t.

In order to translate your SAT word problems into actionable math equations you can solve, you’ll need to understand and know how to utilize some key math terms.

Whenever you see these words, you can translate them into the proper mathematical action.

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Whether your problem is a geometry problem or an algebra problem, sometimes making a quick sketch of the scene can help you understand what exactly you're working with.

Ok, before we go, why don't we try that train problem, you know, just to show that we can. Another train leaves New York at the same time, traveling on a parallel track to Chicago at 85 mph. We're trying to find how much time it will take, or t.

traveling to New York, which is 800 miles away, at 75 mph.

You almost always must have a solid understanding of the math topic in question in order to solve the word problem on the topic.

You might also get a geometry problem as a word problem, which might or might not be set up with a scenario, too.


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