Social Studies Essay

Your first few lines must be engaging to the reader the same way it’s important to make a good impression with a new classmate.Resist the urge to open your paper with a famous quote.

It should include any background knowledge essential to understanding your argument that is not directly addressed in your paper.

In addition, your introduction should telegraph to a reader what your argument will be, and what topics you will discuss.

Your introduction should start out broadly and so your hook can begin introducing your topic informally.

At the same time however, your hook must be relevant enough to lead into the meat of your paper.

You should be able to condense your strong stance into one or two concrete sentences called your thesis statement.

The thesis of your essay should clearly lay out what you will be arguing for in your essay.

The fact that Johannes Kepler was an important figure is not disputed, and an essay to prove that he was important wouldn’t be effective, and would also be no fun to write (or read.) The second thesis statement however does make a challengeable argument.

It argues that Kepler’s discovery helped to progress the scientific revolution and goes on to explain three reasons why.

People make up their minds about the quality of a paper within the first few lines, so it’s important that you start strong.

The introduction of your paper must layout the basic premise behind the paper.


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