Shawshank Redemption Essay Introduction

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However, the corrupt prison authorities are not done with Andy yet; they want to continue laundering money.

Therefore, the Warden has Tommy killed with escape being used as a cover.

This trail is characterized by the marketing slogan held for the film; fear can hold one captive, but hope can set one free.

Andy, a crafty ex-banker, knows more about money than anyone in the prison.

Andy uses a rock hammer (procured by Red) to dig a tunnel through which he escapes.

In fact, this part shows the culmination of Andy’s hope.

To do so, Andy goes from being an honest, moral man to a crook who used all his knowledge and skills as a mechanism of defense.

The protagonist manages to gain Norton’s and the institutional guard’s respect; thus, he contributes to the progress of inmates and plays a key role in the prison community.

The wardens do this in an attempt to obscure the redemptive power of hope from the minds of inmates.

This method is successful, and a lot of prisoners, in Shawshank, are hopeless.


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