Shainin Red X Problem Solving

Structured Innovation is about doings things differently and doing things significantly better.In this sense, Shainin fits that description very well. It’s a structured problem solving method that combines engineering insight with statistical thinking to solve tough technical problems quickly and efficiently.Shainin uses a radically different approach which is called the Y to X (or Effect to Cause) to converge on the root cause.

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Shainin uses the Problem Definition Tree to convert business problems to high-value projects.

Then it uses Project Definition Tree to convert a project to a well defined Y or response with engineering leverage.

I work as a Director for SSA & Company (formerly Six Sigma Academy). I work with deployment teams to achieve process improvements through consulting, training, project execution and change management.

I train, coach and mentor Black Belts Master Black Belts, and Champions using Lean Six Sigma to solve problems.

Savings and cost avoidance exceeded one million dollars annually.

This is a typical case study where a tough project is solved very quickly. What sort of training is involved with mastering Shainin? And the highest level is Shainin Master (like Master Black Belt).It uses Strategy Diagram to identify most leveraged direction.Isoplot is then used to make sure the measurement system is effective.Prior to joining SSA & Company, I worked as the Manager, Innovation and Continuous Improvement Methodology (I&CIM) for Delphi Corporation.In this position, I provided leadership to deploy Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), and Shainin Problem Solving for billion multi-business units globally.Today’s busy Process Excellence professionals need solutions to their process improvement problems not in weeks or months, but in days. In this Six Sigma IQ interview, Ha Dao, Director for SSA & Company (formerly Six Sigma Academy), explains how the Shainin methodology can be leveraged for more efficient and quicker problem solving.Please talk a bit about your Process Excellence background.Using the Shainin Y to X approach, progressive search and "talk-to-the-parts" investigative technique, the Red X was quickly found to be surface imperfection of the sealing interface which was causing the leaks.The Red X was confirmed with statistical confidence and controlled within a few days, allowing the plant to resume normal productions.Pre-Control is used to keep the problem under control. Take me through a brief case study to show how someone can employ some of these basic tools. This is when you are driving down the road, step on the brakes and nothing happens. Shainin was used to solve this huge brake leaks; we called it a "spill" on a drum brake application of a major automotive original manufacturer (OEM).This leak problem was causing the OEM to hold vehicle shipments and required very expensive and time consuming repair at the end of the production line.


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    The best way to find the Red X® Today the Shainin Red X® methodology consists of about 30 techniques and tools – the known as well as newly developed techniques – which create the comprehensive stepwise system for process improvement Shainin, 1993. Shainin problem solving roadmap is called FACTUAL™ Focus, Approach,…

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