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According to the influential network relation map (INRM), external website optimization is the top priority dimension that needs to be improved when implementing SEO.Among the six criteria for evaluation, meta tags is the most significant criterion influencing search engine ranking, followed by keywords and website design.Published work connecting such hybrid MCDM models with improvement strategy of SEO is quite few.

Namely, webpages with better hyperlink can get higher ranking than other pages (Dye According to SEO, two dimensions impact on search engine ranking including internal website optimization and external website optimization.In addition, researches on the interrelationship and influential weights among factors were inadequate.To supplement previous findings on SEO for establishing a decision model of search engine ranking for administrators of websites to improve website performance for achieving the greatest benefit of internet marketing, this study utilizes hybrid modified MCDM models comprising decision making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL), DEMATEL-based analytical network process (DANP), and VIse Kriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje (VIKOR) for exploring search engine ranking based on SEO.Search engine optimization (SEO) has been considered one of the most important techniques in internet marketing.This study establishes a decision model of search engine ranking for administrators to improve the performances of websites that satisfy users’ needs.Yet, the messages conveyed, for administrators of websites, merely what the influencing factors of SEO are and whether the influence were positive or negative.Therefore, these findings for constructing a decision model of search engine ranking have little contribution to it.The evaluation of search engine ranking reveals that the website with lowest gap would be the optimal example for administrators of websites to make high ranking website during the time that this study is executed.In modern times, one of the main search engines is the initial step to search for information when people make decisions.The traditional methods of analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and analytical network process (ANP) proposed by Saaty () assuming that dimensions and criteria are independent, which are not suitable for real world.Therefore, DANP is employed to overcome the problems of dependence and feedback among criteria for obtaining the influential weights of each criterion (Lu et al.


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