Self Perception And Communication Essay

Self Perception And Communication Essay-2
Stereotypes are generalizations about groups that are applied to the individuals who are members of that group.Stereotypes are not inherently "bad" -- rather, they are classification systems, and they can be very useful in encountering new input.

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Both the first impressions and last impressions tend to be more important than any impressions people form in between.

Perceptual set is the idea that we perceive only what we want or expect to perceive.

A negativity bias means the reverse: a tendency to focus heavily on another's negative attributes when forming a perception of that person.

In a negativity bias, even one piece of negative information can adversely affect your perception of that person.

Where we have to be careful with stereotypes is in overgeneralizing, because individuals don't always possess all of the characteristics of their perceived group memberships.

The problem with stereotypes comes when we treat individuals as extensions of the groups to which they belong, and assign the group's characteristics to the individual, without giving the individual a chance to truly be an individual, separate from the group's characteristics. First impressions are important because they set the tone for future interactions. These matter, because this is how people tend to remember us.

The idea of interpersonal perception means the process of making meaning from things we experience in people and our relationships. Organization helps you make sense of what you notice.

This process involves three components: selection, organization, and interpretation. To help with this, our minds classify each stimulus into categories. The idea behind this is that we can't possibly classify each and every stimulus we receive individually and independently.

Many factors are involved in interpersonal communication.

One of those is the dynamics involved in our perception of others.


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