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School Homework Policy-37
Routine homework develops the importance of good study and work habits.The encouragement of student responsibility, initiative, and motivation are additional objectives in a well-designed home/school study program.When considering a potential policy their maybe some variations based on academic needs.

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Taking away the element of homework assignments may leave some parents in the dark.

Homework is an integral part of the basic curriculum and planned by the teacher to closely correlate with classroom course development.

Homework is known to help students review what they learn in class.

For others it is seen as good exercise in building and retaining problem solving skills. It may help students stay busy and productive if they don’t have much to do after school.

When you have multiple responsibilities you need time to ensure they get done properly.

Some students feel they just do not have the time for homework nowadays.GPA parents expect students to have some form of homework to complete each night.Homework must be meaningful Research on homework suggests that smaller but meaningful amounts per day has a stronger effect on student achievement.Students are held responsible for completing their homework by the due date.Students, who do not complete their homework, may lose certain student privileges, at the teachers’ discretion.The idea of no homework is literally music to your ears.Some students would love this idea if they are not the type to complete their assignments regularly.Many question how effective homework assignments are, even when students decide not to complete them.There are parents that work with their students in getting homework done.A large number of schools in several countries are actually exploring the concept of banning homework.Many students may be jumping for joy at this concept, but it does share a growing list of pros and cons that should be explored.


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