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I hope that from my letter you have realized what a handsome, capable and righteous man I am.

If it makes you feel more comfortable, I could always wear a yarmulke while I do so. When you become president, I will fully support your decision to tax them 25% because those no-good brainiacs that made up global warming just to make U. manufacturing non-competitive deserve to be punished. I treat women nicely; some may say that I am a misogynist, but I disagree.

I love women and I tolerate them even when they’ve got blood coming out of their wherever — the mark of a true gentleman. I have paid the best hair stylist in the country to sculpt me a wig made of the finest hair of boars so that I could look exactly like you.

The decision would have reversed one of Donald Trump’s ugly campaign threats to deport these kids, whose only crime was to have been brought to the United States by their parents. announced that even DACA remains under review — another cruel twist for young immigrants wondering if they’ll be sent back to “home” countries they hardly ever knew, and whose language they might barely even speak.

Yet the administration is still committed to deporting their parents, and on Friday the D. Beyond the inhumanity of toying with people’s lives this way, there’s also the shortsightedness of it.

At the Rochester Institute of Technology, just 9.5 percent of graduate students in electrical engineering were nonimmigrants.

Religious piety — especially of the Christian variety?When you and the rest of your class are assigned to write satirical essays, it is important that you take your time to settle for good satirical essay topics.This is the type of academic paper that has a mocking or funny way of expressing the harsh truth about a given topic or issue.And then there’s the all-important issue of demographics. births, from 3.74 million in 1970 to 4.0 million in 2014, is due entirely to births to foreign-born mothers,” reports the Pew Research Center.The race for the future is ultimately a race for people — healthy, working-age, fertile people — and our nonimmigrants fail us here, too. Without these immigrant moms, the United States would be faced with the same demographic death spiral that now confronts Japan.That used to be a cliché, but in the Age of Trump it needs to be explained all over again.We’re a country of immigrants — by and for them, too. I, in turn, will wait to inherit your money because like you have said numerous times, money is the best thing about you. I do my best everyday to waste as much food and water as I can. But unlike you, I could date her and it would be legal.Do not worry sir, like I’ve mentioned above, I am not black, therefore I will be completely capable of counting your money. I try to drive my car around for no reason when time allows because pollution is the key to poking at China’s ridiculous “global warming” theory. I think of no better man more perfectly suited for your daughter than myself. I imagine that if I were to be the producer of all the women would flirt with me as well.In other words, just the kind of people we used to be — when “we” had just come off the boat. K., so I’m jesting about deporting “real Americans” en masse. ) But then the threat of mass deportations has been no joke with this administration.On Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security seemed prepared to extend an Obama administration program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, which allows the children of illegal immigrants — some 800,000 people in all — to continue to study and work in the United States.


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