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And it goes without saying that you need to cite “textual evidence (quotations, paraphrases, or both).” It isn’t enough to show you understood what you read. The framing of a story has a huge effect on how we remember it. So on your second read-through, start marking up the text. If you plan your essay, you won’t run off the rails. You have to combine all these different elements into one, unified narrative. They have a , and everything they do is about accomplishing that goal.You need to offer an “evaluation of the author’s use of evidence, reasoning, and/or stylistic and persuasive elements.” In other words, talk about how the author makes their point. Make annotations in the margins, using the words below. Some students analyze the passage paragraph-by-paragraph, moving through the passage from top to bottom. Your argument is basically a statement about a) what they do; and b) why they do it.Their list of related searchable topics can be found at Provide students with 25 minutes of class time to construct an essay that advocates for the singular point of view inspired by the thesis statement.

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This lesson should be done multiple times in the weeks before the exam date to develop a comfort level with both developing and conveying ideas.

In addition to completing the activities in this lesson, we encourage students to access the NOW Persuasive Writing: Taking a Stand activity to practice persuasive writing skills.

Point out to students that a number of these topics encourage readers to form opinions about specific current events topics.

Next, direct students to the “Topic Search” feature at explain that this part of the site offers students the ability to access programming about a wide range of topics and use what they have learned to form opinions that could be used for practice essays. Direct students back to the NOW website at and encourage them to use an article/program from the home page or from the “Topic Search” feature as the basis for an in-class SAT Essay practice activity.

The College Board gives admissions officers institutional access codes. So while it’s hard to imagine every overworked admissions officer logging in to read every applicant’s essay, your SAT Essay is more visible to colleges than it was in my day…back when we had to chisel our essays on clay tablets. You’re going to be given scores in three categories: Reading, Analysis, and Writing.

Each reader will give you between 1 and 4 points in each category, and two readers will read your essay.

So that’s a total of 8 points you can earn for each area.

It’s probably smart to check out the specific language in the for yourself.

Earning a high score on the SAT is the goal of all who take the test.

Using content from NOW programs along with our supplemental practice activities, students can broaden their knowledge base and practice the organizational and writing skills necessary to score well on this portion of the exam.


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