Sample Business Plan For Non Profit

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This section also covers the impact of the non-profit’s programs and services.

This part covers the names and details of the staff in the management team.

The trick here is to provide an interesting summary, which will keep the reader engaged enough to go through the entire plan.

Under this section, the non-profit owner can describe the organization’s , a short background of how it started, and its unique strengths.

Under this section, the owner simply needs to explain how the non-profit is structured, starting from the board of directors to the staff.

He or she should also highlight subsidiaries (if there are any), its objectives, strategies on how to scale up, and a few trends in that particular non-profit area.In the appendix, the owner should incorporate the resumes of key staff, a list of the members of the board of directors, relevant charts and graphs, promotional material, mission and vision statements, and an annual report if the non-profit is not a startup.Non-profit organizations also need to be managed effectively.Under this section, the owner will be trying to answer questions such as: How does the nonprofit deliver its products or services? Does the nonprofit have any equipment or inventory?Essentially, the individual should explain the exact strategies he plans to use to maintain the operation.The products and services that were listed in the executive summary are now described in a comprehensive way under this section.The individual should also incorporate unique features like the delivery methods, sources of products, the benefits of the non-profit’s products and services, as well as future development plans.This section should also provide information relating to copyrights and patents owned by the non-profit.What is the target market or audience of the non-profit’s programs?The most common reason for a non-profit organization is charity work.Even though there are considerable differences between a profit and non-profit company, many of the same regulations apply.


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