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Biography: Early life Ever since I was in eighth grade, I have been obsessed with Taylor Swift. When you look at most singers today, they have to be singing about drugs or alcohol, using vulgar language, or performing half-dressed.

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My mom’s ambition to succeed in life has allowed her to grow into a wonderful person full of kindness and knowledge.

Ambition is a great virtue to have, and that is one reason why my mother is my role model.

I am confident My role model is Andy Biersack , lead singer of Black Veil Brides.

The meaning behind the names is based on a religious term, Catholics use.

In fact, it first started when her dad, Robert Kardashian, was an attorney who helped O. That’s when the Kardashian family first became famous.

Even though people don’t see Kim Kardashian as a role model, there are a few sides to her that no one knows about.

This played a significant role in her image of who she was. She saw for me the positive things that I couldn’t see for myself know, my dad and I share something in common. I can get into an argument, leave my family, or spent 3 years away from my father.

At the end, I am aware that he misses me as much as I do.

My mother experienced things that most of us only hear or read about. Though I couldn’t see it at the time, my mother saw for me how lucky I was.

As a toddler she tragically encountered extreme levels of cruelty and various forms of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her father, someone who was supposed to protect her. She consistently pointed out that I was lucky that we could afford the doctors I needed. And I was lucky that I had family and friends who were there for me.


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