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All the family photographs are in the public domain, but it is a great pleasure to thank Bill Whitehead for his permission to use family photographs for Figures 1, 4, 5, 8, and 10.

For Figure 7, my thanks to the Bull/Guthrie family.

All other photographs are my own, but I do thank the present owners of Stone Orchard for allowing me to wander the grounds and take pictures.

Although he was born in well-to-do Rosedale, Toronto, the two world wars reached deeply into that safe, comfortable world to twist or destroy the lives of many individuals and families.

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Findley was born in 1930; therefore, one might think that for him the First World War was long over and forgotten, but in his family it was not over.

His father lived in the shadow of the Great War and in the shadow of an older brother, Findley’s uncle, who fought and was seriously injured in the war.


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