Review Of Literature On Customer Satisfaction

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Second, future research should distinguish between the influence of CS and the effect of customer delight on CPB.

Third, the study of the effects of CS on constructs that are also important in behavioral pricing, such as price acquisition, price processing and price knowledge, has been neglected in existing research.

Karen Mills discusses her case study on what happened next.

Open for comment; The irrational anxiety associated with being last in line can lead to unhappy customers, according to new research by Ryan Buell.

For some merchants, the benefits of offering discount vouchers are sharply reduced if individual customers buy multiple vouchers.

As a marketing tool, discount vouchers are likely to be most effective for businesses that are relatively unknown and have low marginal costs.Hence, this article contributes to the existing literature by identifying four essential research gaps.First, future research must consider that in the course of satisfying consumption experiences, the customer typically pays a certain price.The authors analyze how fees, research, quality of execution, and information can help explain how execution decisions and preferences vary across investors.Providing great customer service is no longer the responsibility of just one department.Because price is a key element in the profit equation of every firm, it is essential to analyze the mechanisms of customer price behavior (CPB) and its determinants.The concept of customer satisfaction (CS) as one of these determinants has frequently been analyzed in the recent academic literature on marketing and pricing.Many service settings could be improved if managers actively mitigated last place aversion.When a business known for delivering an exemplary customer experience faces cutbacks, what services get chopped?This paper aims to analyze current studies on the influence of CS on CPB to provide an overview of the current state of research.Based on this literature review, this study can identify research gaps that can serve as avenues for future research.


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