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There are no 2D "cutouts" in this Narnia, and the end result provides a brilliant 3D experience—provided you're wearing your complimentary 3D glasses."I have to say that I was a little skeptical at first, and now I'm completely glad that we have a 3D version of the film," reveals producer Mark Johnson."It's much more weaved, and it's giving our film depth and I look at it and quite frankly I like the 3D version of it a lot.

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The wind blows through and soon everything is upended.

When Eustace tries to stop the proceedings by pulling the picture off of the wall, he only succeeds in bringing himself, Edmund and Lucy into the painting and sinking the bedroom into Narnia's Eastern Sea.

Lewis knew it and people of every color, class and creed worldwide know it today as well.

And when our imaginations are profoundly engaged, there's no telling what any one of us can take away and apply to our lives going forward.

"I think kids like—whether it's —being taken into another world.

Kids are very imaginative, and they can make that leap.But as the twosome interact with each other along their journey, Reepicheep sees something in Eustace and remains a loyal friend while serving as a guiding force through the troubled boy's dramatic transformation."To play a part like Eustace was particularly interesting to me because I suppose his transition speaks to a louder volume than I guess it would just reading on the page," admits Will Poulter, who couldn't believe it when he first found out he had won the part.I think it's good in this day and age to put that on the table with children's entertainment.".And to prepare, he did his homework by reading the book in which he found the variety of the storyline very much to his liking.There's a slightly different experience watching it in 3D to the 2D.But I'm really sold."However, lest audiences worry that technology will somehow trump or reduce the story, Apted assures that the emotional core of the film is still intact."It's a very intimate film. Lessons learned through powerful life transformations can resonate. Messages communicated by way of story can go deeper.I just wanted to make sure that the technology didn't overwhelm the underlying emotions of the film." On Course to Self-Discovery The pivotal relationship between Reepicheep and Eustace displays this type of emotional depth and intimacy most poignantly.Initially upon meeting on the deck of The Dawn Treader, Eustace is just as annoyed with Reepicheep as perhaps Reepicheep is with him.


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