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Over the centuries, there had been many philosophical challenges to Biblical revelation -- the nascent higher criticism of the Biblical text, and many Christian and secular world views as (then) recent examples -- but these are all based on philosophical particulars that cannot be refuted objectively.Never before had such an extensive, sustained and comprehensive assault on tradition been fortified with such an abundance of irrefutable factual data, which could be tested and affirmed by all, even those with radically clashing world views.

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Peirce, the founder of American pragmatism, wrote extensively about a form of inference called abduction, or more familiarly, reasoning to the best explanation.

He claimed that it was essential to the growth of science.

Growing up in Chicago, I never knew my dad was famous.

He was just a firm, affectionate, if too busy father figure, who loved music and the outdoors, played tennis better than I could, was awfully good with tools, and could explain scientific ideas so well that I almost understood them. This paper gives an account of the establishment and expansion of a Faculty of Science at the Calvinist Free University in the Netherlands in the 1930s.

Ad Hoc: Resources for Teaching and Research relating to the History of Christianity Has a nice selection of internet sites and electronic sites relating to history of Christianity Resource Pages for Biblical Studies A lengthy set of links useful to scholars of early Christian writings and the Christian social world Review of Biblical Literature The Review of Biblical Literature is published by the Society of Biblical Literature, a nonprofit professional association for scholars in the field of biblical studies and supplies a comprehensive review of biblical literature and related studies.

Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit An exhibit at the Library on Congress.

New Testament Gateway An award-winning directory of internet resources related to the New Testament Bible History Online Images and Resources An attractive and comprehensive site on Bible History The Christian Catacombs of Rome An extensive site, in many languages, offering a historic and visual tour of Christian catacombs Bible Gateway Search for Bible passages by topic, word, phrase, or keyword Brief Review in Global History and Geography: Document Based Essays and Practice Tests [email protected]’s Brief Review in Global History and Geography Web site provides multiple-choice questions from actual Regents exams.

You can also practice your test-taking skills on document-based essay questions (DBQs), with the option of e-mailing answers directly to your teacher for review.

The final part of this article examines Comptons views on immortality and the morality of atomic warfare.

He affirmed life after death, basing this on his faith in the value that God places on the conscious persons produced by the divinely guided process of evolution; however, he did not accept the bodily resurrection of Jesus.


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