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Vocabulary Spelling City allows teachers to integrate meaningful practice into their existing curriculum.Whether importing a ready-made list or creating a new list, it is easy to select or edit a word’s definition, part of speech, and sentence.

When words are selected with students’ needs in mind, students can systematically increase their vocabulary which impacts their academic success and fosters more effective vocabulary instruction.

“Games not only add fun to the teaching and learning process, but also provide an opportunity to review the terms in a non-threatening way.

After the class has played a vocabulary game, the teacher should invite students to identify difficult terms and go over the crucial aspects of those terms in a whole-class discussion.” According to Lockavitch, author of Lockavitch and other educational researchers say that providing multiple engagements with new words over an extended period is necessary to commit them to long-term memory.

Vocabulary Spelling City helps teachers have more effective vocabulary instruction than ever before!

Research-Based for Effectiveness and Better Outcomes in Student Achievement Educational researchers Robert Marzano and Dr.


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