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When the breaching whale appeared at night and upturned Pi’s raft throwing all his supplies to the water, Pi realized, living with Mr. While starting up, resources are typically scarce and it’s important to guard them and stop leakages or losses.It’s good to have one secure base and address the market.Entering unknown and uncharted territories without adequate research and throwing resources at the market and not protecting your own backyard could be a deadly mistake, few startups can afford.

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In life, whether you’re investing for a secure and a better future, it’s good to spread your resources across various available options.

For career improvements, consider skill enhancement and be aware of the job market realities and don’t just tie yourself to your current Company, to stay relevant in the long run.5.

Branding is important Pi Patel was born with the name Piscina Molitor Patel, given by his Uncle after a swimming pool in France.

This name obviously caused him lot of anguish as everyone started making fun of his name at school and outside. He realized early, that his name can cause him more pain, going ahead in life.

Learn to co-exist After the whale incident, Pi had to reconcile to the fact that he has to live with Mr.

Parker on the lifeboat, an idea, which he had been resisting so far. Parker jumped in the waters of Pacific Ocean, looking for fish, Pi helped him to get on board and slowly, he started developing a bond with him. Parker is both a co-founder and a competitor for Pi in his entrepreneurial journey. With co-founders, it’s important to communicate clearly, define roles and responsibilities and ensure that you don’t encroach upon each other’s spaces.

If you believe in everything, you will end up not believing in anything at all Pi’s father Santosh Patel told this to Pi at the dining table, when he was getting inquisitive about different religions and wanted to follow all of them at the same time.

His words hold true, not only for religion, but are also valid for our daily life and business.

Probably, the most important resource for an entrepreneur is money and in the beginning, when income is low and uncertain, an entrepreneur needs to make sure, the money (resources) lasts till revenues kick in or next round of funding (help) comes in the choppy waters of entrepreneurial journey.

In life also, continuous planning for different stages of your life, and not only during the difficult days, when resources are low, will help you live a good life.4.


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