Research Paper On Job Satisfaction

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Therefore, a study on stress management will help many organizations to manage their employees well.A preliminary survey was conducted on PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) I Medan.

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Stress presence will disturb the workers’ routines and may lead to a decline on his or her performance.

In a long term, if the stress cannot be managed well, it will lead to a decline on the organizational performance as well (Wong, K. H., & Rosen, S, 2000; Dobreva-Martinova, T., Villeneuve, M., Strickland, L., & Kimberly, M., 2002).

We found an indication that employees at PT Pelindo experienced a high job-stress level.

The workers interviewed on the study stated that they had snowballing workload during the last-year.

Stress moderately correlated with the employees’ organizational commitment level and satisfaction level.

Multiple regression analysis showed that job satisfaction might reduce employees’ job stress but it was insignificant.

Job stress was positively and significantly affectedby employees’ satisfaction and commitment.

Employees’ organizational commitment negatively and significantly affected the stress level.

In a long term, stress would decrease the whole organizational performance.

This study aimed to understand the factor which led to employees’ stress within state-owned organization in Indonesia.


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