Research Paper On Corporate Governance

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(This could include independence of directors, length of tenure of directors, other responsibilities of directors, etc.).

Whichever option you choose your report should include: A brief description of the organisation and its background/industry. An outline of the bases or criteria for the review of the organisations governance.

Important Assignment Instructions The required word length for this assignment is 2500 words ( /- 10%).

In terms of structure, presentation and style you are normally required to use: AIB standard report format; and AIB preferred Microsoft Word settings; and Harvard style referencing (which includes intext citations plus a reference list).

Arnott and Asness (2003) finds that, better governed firm give more cash in dividend payout which also can be considered as firm performance.

Moreover Bowen, Rajgopal, Venkatachalam (2008) found that, corporate governance also can be found from the accounting discretion, firm with weaker governance structure generally produce report with poorer future performance.

Jensen and Meckling (1976); Fama and Jensen (1983); Shleifer and Vishny (1997) cited that, incentive has been given to the managers to confiscate the assets of the firm by taking profitable projects but this is much beneficiary to the managers than maximizing shareholders wealth.

According to Shleifer and Vishny (1997), effective corporate governance control the awards given by the stakeholders and creditors and increase the profitability of the firm by investing in a positive net present value projects.

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