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Simply put, with us you enjoy premium output that is academically sound, of which you are the sole copyright claimant to do with it as you please!Zakaria El-Tayash often debates religion with his closest friends, but they never argue. We should be able to respect each other.” According to The American Freshman, an annual study by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program at UCLA, the number of students who say they aren’t affiliated with a religion is at an all-time high.

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“Religious diversity should be open for a freedom of mind where people can discuss religion respectfully,” El-Tayash, president of MU’s Muslim Student Organization, said. Since the question of religion was first posed in the study in 1971, it has increased more than 12 percentage points.

In 2015, 29.5 percent of incoming college freshmen identified as atheist, agnostic or none.

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Levying your personalized take on the output helps us to make it synonymous to you to help avoid the suspicion of your academic heads.“Ultimately, this is something a student won’t be able to predict,” Sawyer said.The law against religious discrimination in colleges is stated in Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Department of Justice started a new initiative called Combating Religious Discrimination Today to fight religious discrimination.This protects student religious expression, such as religious dress and religious holiday observance, and safeguards against harassment in schools. As part of the initiative, the department has plans for community meetings around the country to address a variety of topics including hate crimes, bullying in schools and protection in the workplace.Sandy Davidson, MU journalism and law professor, said that at public universities across the United States, the suspicion of religious bias is certainly a possibility, but not an ethical one.In spite of legal protections, a Google search of “religion on college applications” shows that some students wonder whether they should include their religious affiliation when applying for college.Ethan Sawyer, who runs the advice site College Essay Guy, said it’s hard to know how colleges will respond to religion in application essays.By 1975, the Common Application was created, and today, nearly 700 universities use it, according to the applications website.The religion section is optional and lists 40 different affiliations, including “other.” When Hannah Claas, a sophomore at William Woods University, was going through the application process, she had passing thoughts about checking the religion box.“But first you have to ask, is it a religious-affiliated school? According to Davidson, the circumstances may change in the case of a religious-affiliated school.Private universities differ in their ability to pay more attention to religious affiliation.


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