Reflective Essays On English Class

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In high school, we were always treated like children.

Teachers extended deadlines, we received remind messages to study and there were no given responsibilities.

After that, I looked through different student examples that you provided and I also found some on my own.

In high school, annotated bibliographies were always very challenging to me.

We were also provided with thorough instructions and if that wasn’t enough, they basically showed you how to do the task given.

If we even thought about making mistakes, they would fix them for us, ultimately making us too comfortable and avoiding the fact that we are supposed to make and fix our own mistakes.As a result of this, a good percentage of those after graduation have no clue what to do when they make their first mistake and are expected to fix it on their own.When I first started in this class, I was fixated on the fact that I always made well in English throughout my life, so I didn’t change anything about my writing.I never liked to read the long articles and then summing them up were even worse.However, with these articles, there’s no way possible you can just skim over paragraphs.Over the past four months, this class has been one of the most vigorous, yet most helpful classes that I’ve ever taken.This class has helped me grow tremendously all around!By doing this, it has helped me so much not just educationally but personally.I feel more in control of my life and less stressed about situations, that would normally cause me to panic.I believe that college courses are intended to be difficult, simply because they’re familiar with high school teachers being more lenient.It’s completely normal to fail your first test or quiz, because like I stated earlier, the workload and expectations are higher than they were before students moved from high school to college.


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