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To exemplify, we refer to the critique against the grand narratives of social change and development that have dominated science since the Enlightenment (such as Marxism), and to the rise of competing but more partial theories and narratives from the 1950s (such as modernization theory, structuralism, etc).Here “newer” voices made their worldview and interests in equality, identity, power, and social inclusion paramount (e.g., Habermas and Ben-Habib 1981, Lyotard 1984, Foucault 2012).Yet, in striving to integrate social and natural dimensions of sustainability such a distinction may surface as a methodological obstacle.

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Since the last ice age, stickleback have managed to emerge from the sea to colonise many freshwater waterbodies.

Genetic analysis by researchers in the Division of Aquatic Ecology & Evolution and the Division of Evolutionary Ecology at the University of Bern, and colleagues from the Eawag and the National Institute of Genetics in Shizuoka, Japan, now demonstrate that they achieved this thanks to additional copies of a metabolism gene.

one must nevertheless acknowledge the ideological component in all scientific knowledge.

Scientific knowledge cannot be spared from ideological critique, and thus from self-knowledge and that also applies to those who think they possess the true science and denounce the ideology of others.

The analytical distinction between critical and problem-solving research is useful.

At the onset of research, the latter takes the world as it is while the former questions it.In this article we deal explicitly with the distinction as well as the dynamics between critical and problem-solving research.Based on a discussion of Ph D work in sustainability studies, the overall aim is to stimulate critical problem-solving research for sustainability.The sample is exhaustive in terms of including all the theses completed until the time of the analysis (2013–2016; see Appendix 1).The objective of the analysis is to demonstrate that there are ways to overcome the potential dualism and fruitfully align or unite the two approaches in the service of incremental or radical transitions to sustainability.(30-60 credits) Feeding overlap between cod and flounder in the Baltic Sea (30-60 credits) Two experimental thesis projects on round goby (15-45 credits) Evaluating camera monitoring for breeding seabirds.(30-60 credits) Seals and cormorants in Swedish coastal waters.Both history and acquaintance made me doubt that practitioners of the natural sciences possess firmer or more permanent answers to such questions than their colleagues in social science.Other scholars (e.g., Popper, Feyerabend, Habermas, Morin) view such controversies as an expression of how ideological differences in society are reflected in the field of science, sometimes leading to fierce debates between perspectives (Morin 190): If science cannot be reduced to ideology ...As a thesis worker at our department, you will get the chance to deal with real problems in ongoing research projects, and have supervisors who are Sweden's leading experts in the field.You get to use theoretical knowledge in practice, and get the chance to participate in exciting fieldwork, Our current calls concern a variety of topics in our field, such as fish, fisheries, shellfish, seals and waterfowl.


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