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During the 1950s, concern that violent comic books might increase aggression in children led to the development of a comics code authority, which enforced the censorship of comic book content.It is then argued that exposure to comic book violence is especially detrimental.

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This association of real life to comic book universe impacts upon the child the reasoning that just as omic book characters are portrayed to undergo vulnerabilities and pain while dealing with such a real life event, people in the real world do also.

In continuing to research media influence, comic books have also been deemed as eliciting violent reactions from their readers.

Yet, rather than simply glorify and focus on the element of aggression, comic books deliver present-day social issues to children who would otherwise not be interested nor aware of what was happening around them.

Many times, the storylines in comic books mirror the occurrences of everyday life, emphasizing them through spectacular events.

It was also brought to his attention that he did not have to feel alienated or completely alone because of his feelings. Surely, this was a powerful message brought across through the medium of comic art. Wertham believes and place themselves into the storylines, a child or even an adolescent with similar problems could be helped if experiencing similar circumstances. Wertham further insists that the majority of comic books today glorify crime.

Then again, can this truly be said of the most popular and more widely circulated titles?

We also observe the outlaws attitudes on their newfound society to be cynical.

They form alliances with people whom they think will benefit them in the long run but are usually s...

The contestants come from all walks of life and represent the portrayal of Ray's official hero; teachers, lawyers, housewives, counselors, military veterans.

Even though they are seen as official heroes at the beginning, based solely on their record of the everyday world, the line becomes very vague between outlaw and official with some contestants as other strive to hold onto their moral values.


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