Pros And Cons Of Social Networking Argumentative Essay

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Different surveys and studies have been conducted regarding students that use social media while in school are more likely to make their GPA drop more than students who are not involved with social media. Social networking has moved far from just meeting people and staying in touch with friends or family. This paper will explore some why I believe social networking is a viable tool for society. Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easier for people to connect with one another via messaging and sharing photos. Science has shown that health has a major predication in regard to Facebook and other social networking sites due to its psychological and neurological manipulating abilities. Social networking sites have drastically changed the way people communicate and that too comes with negative consequences. Technology has done wonders to the world but everything has its pros and cons. Users should be cautious of how Facebook affects our mood, and the ability ...

47% of American adults used social networking sites in 2014 like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter; up from 26% in 2008(quoted from the aspects of social media both have a positive and negative impact on life.

Social networking sites promote interaction with distant family and friends.

For some, social media has a negative effect because of the potential harm it may cause. Although there are many positives of social networking sites, it is impossible to overlook the negatives as well. Be that as it may, social networking helps students more academically as well. But even so, social networking implements cheating on school work too. Thirdly, social networking is favorable for people who is less outgoing and is more on the shy side. Lastly, social networking is also used in school, colleges, and universities as well. Just like with everything else in the world there are positive and negatives that one must consider; I myself would have to say that the pros outweigh the cons. One very important thing to point out is that Social media (think Facebook and twitter) and social networking is not the same thing, here's the difference. According to the same source "Once you decide what media you are going to use you then post it on the appropriate social network" some common examples of Social networks are "Twitter," "Facebook," or "Instagram." ... Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and many other social networking websites have grown in popularity in recent years. Some view social networking websites with suspicion because they have limited understanding of what these sites really are or how they work.

Two-thirds of all teachers believe that social media does more to distract students than to help them academically (quoted from Used responsibly, social networking sites do not pose a danger or threat to anyone.

Using social networks such as Instagram and Facebook have become an obsession to us in some ways or another. Firstly, when it comes to Internet-based communication, the most popular is certainly social networks. According to studies, the most popular social network, Facebook, occupies 400 million users worldwide (Trak 2010, p. It is also estimated by the year 2015, the total amount of social network users will be over a billion (Tra...

This paper is written to analyze and describe the pros and cons of the current range of Internet communications including social networking, email, and instant messaging, alongside the safety measures for users, and the future development of these communications.

Social media enables you to share ideas, content, information and news etc. In last few years social media has grown tremendously at an unexpectedly fast rate and has captured millions of users around the world.

Here are essays on social media of varying word lengths to help you with the same in your exam.

As a member of our society social networking can have a positive or negative influence in school, relationships, promoting business, and self-expression.

While others may view social media as a negative influence, for me, the issue hinges on how social networking sites are being used and displayed accordingly.


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