Pope An Essay On Man Criticism

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In the introduction, we learn that the reason Pope wrote this work was to “vindicate the ways of God to Man.” Another important statement is that a man is fated to be born, to do something not very useful for the universe and die. Sections 1-2 are about author’s contemplations on the nature of a human being and recognition of the existence of a Supreme Power.

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Different creatures have their own type of communication, which is unfamiliar to humanity.

We can only try to understand the universal world order of things by means of our own language and feelings.

“An Essay on Man,” being well-structured and carefully thought out, has its own history.

Alexander Pope’s oeuvre refers to the Enlightenment era, the age of Reason and Science.

The things that cause some kind of harm to us are immediately called “evil.” As it is evil in nature, we can also be good or evil.

Someone helps others, is friendly and always ready to help.

God is superior to everything and everyone mentioned above.

The same situation is in the gradation of flair – instinct – thought – reflection – reason. The Great chain of things is perfect, and each organism is vital for its existence.

At the same time, others can only harm, destroy and kill.

God created illnesses, floods, volcanos and venomous insects, but it is not our business to know what for. Section 6 tells that people always complain against the Heaven Providence.


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