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The enclosed canister allows the gas pressure to increase causing the lid to "pop", whereas the popcorn kernel's pericarp acts similar to the film canister.The heat forms steam inside the kernel, the pressure builds and the kernel "pops".

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For further information on polymers and popcorn see the credit/ references section of this module. Elaboration The microwave popcorn lesson provides us with a unique opportunity that encourages the participants to plan lessons that utilize inquiry investigations and the use of technology for learning.

The participants will be able to elaborate thoughts and opinions through reflective writing.

Explanation Review the teacher notes of the lesson for basic information involving polymeric technologies in the construction of microwave popcorn packages prior to your presentation.

Discuss examples of how technology influences our daily lives (popcorn popping changed when the microwave oven got popular) and that sometimes technologies have undesirable consequences (How many times have you opened the popcorn bag and found lots of duds? Have each participant think of ways that technology influences our lives an informal assessment and to demonstrate knowledge of the new material.

Give participants time to plan an inquiry-based lesson to deliver to their students - see lesson plan template.

Overall Assessment Monitor participants throughout the session as outlined in the lesson for students.

Engage conversations throughout the lesson allowing for a question and "What do you think? Have participant's share journal reflections, thoughts and opinions. " This module will give opportunities for various teaching methods; one such method is inquiry-based learning.

This module will guide the participants through a series of simple activities that will allow for inquiry-based learning in the classroom where both the teacher and students have a positive experience.

“Upon application of heat, popcorn kernels are capable of large, instant expansion transitioning from regular to highly irregular granules with high force,” the paper said.

“The ability of kernels to rapidly expand may be used to power miniature jumping robots.”Think of each un-popped seed as a hunk of reserved mechanical energy, which can be unleashed and transformed into force and motion when heated.


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