Politics Critical Essays In Human Geography

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Kay Anderson is a fractional Professorial Research Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society.She is a leading, internationally recognised scholar in the fields of Cultural Geography and race historiography. Professor Anderson was Chair of Cultural Geography at Durham University (UK) until 2003, and in 2004 was elected Academician, Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences for the UK.

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Most of the rural population in most countries depends on agricultural production in order to survive.

Therefore, the importation of similar low priced food materials as those produced in these countries lead to general reduction in the crops’ prices. Such farmers in most cases abandon their farms and move to urban areas where they look for jobs mostly in the industrial areas.

There are also better economic and market opportunities in cities than can be found in most rural areas of most countries.

People therefore migrate to cities so as to come closer to these opportunities and exploit them for improving their economic status and living standards (Knox, Marston & Nash, 2007).

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', in E Lally, I Ang & K Anderson (eds), , University of Western Australia Press, Crawley, pp. Bushell, R & Anderson, K 2010, 'A clash of cultures or definitions?The cities of the world should address issues of urban planning, urban development and urban governance.If these three aspects are well addressed in the cities, then they will be comfortable places to stay in.It involves population growth as well as physical development in such areas.Many global south countries like India, Brazil and Nigeria have high rates of urbanization than northern countries like England, Canada and Japan.There is also reduced natural population increase through birth than in most of the southern countries. Cities provide employment opportunities to people because of the growth of industries that takes place in them.Most cities also offer people better social facilities and services like entertainment and health care.Population increase in rural areas is another factor that leads to rural- urban migrations.Increasing population in most cities of the world comes with many problems associated with settlement, infrastructure, environmental issues and service delivery.Urban planning should involve proper laying out of water distribution patterns and networks in the cities, planning sanitation systems and methods of waste management, transport network as well as health systems.Each city should also develop urban development strategies that adequately address the circumstances surrounding its regions.


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